“Nobody has ever crossed the street to get a better look at a Prius…”

As simple and dismissible as this thought may be, it is the entire artistic platform of Sculptor and Designer, Josh Hadar. Hadar’s focus stems from his general dissatisfaction with the state of eco-conscious and sustainable design. Something he’s been working to change. “I find that with a few exceptions the overall state of eco-conscious design tends to be an existing product merely stripped to its vital essentials, small, lightweight and devoid of character. Hadar’s fusion of Art and Technology has sparked countless discussions about the blurred lines between art and design, but the one unanimous opinion is that his work is stunningly beautiful. Steel, with handblown glass and lights are the main components of Hadar’s work. His passion for metalwork is enhanced by the raw physicality of the process and the permanence of the finished piece. His work has much to do with the juxtaposition of taking an industrial material like carbon steel and giving it a sense of life, softness and fluidity.

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