The Intercon Grove
    Times Square, New York

    Installed at the newly constructed Intercontinental Hotel in Times Square, NYC, The Grove was modeled after a cluster of old growth birch trees. Measuring 11 feet high by over 15 feet wide, the trees are constructed from over 5,000 individually cut and welded segments of industrial carbon steel, and covered with a clear, high gloss powder-coat finish. The trees are mounted on a live growth island surrounded by a stone-bottomed water reflecting pool, and set against a back lit wall of red Lucite and live bamboo.

    East Hampton

    One look at Joshua Hadar’s rendering of a willow welded in stainless steel piping prompts a sense of wonder at the beauty and invention and an immediate desire to see more of his sculptures. During its completion, the willow contributed to some near-miss traffic accidents on Springs-Fireplace Road as cars screeched to a halt to get a closer look. - East Hampton Star

    Photovoltaic Acacia

    The solar-powered tree goddess.

    Josh Hadar's Photovoltaic Acacia is the next chapter in the artist's exploration of eco-consciousness and sustainability. Crafted from recycled steel pipes, reclaimed sheet metal and hand-blown glass, The piece, equipped with light-sensing chips, charges 2 twelve volt batteries hidden in the base during daylight hours, while automatically switching to light mode in darkness. The Acacia themed sculpture uses over 90 solar cells embedded in hand-hammered leaves throughout the piece to charge the 12 volt batteries. When charged, they light clusters of LEDs placed inside blown glass fruit scattered about the tree. The artist again blends his trademark organic forms with working examples of sustainability and eco-consciousness. The concept of the Photovoltaic Acacia is to replace traditional solar panels with a more aesthetic and pleasing version while maintaining their versatility. The Artist is also experimenting with Photovoltaic Tree designs with broader uses such as solar charging electric vehicles and enhancing architectural HVAC systems.

    6' X 5'/ Welded Reclaimed Steel and Hand-blown Glass / 5 Watt Indium Diselinide Solar panels / 12 Volt Lead-Acid Battery / 3.25 watt LED Light clusters

    Constellations Milan, Italy

    Built for the eco-conscious Star Hotel Group in Milan, Italy. Constellations represents the next chapter in the artist's solar tree series. Constellations was originally designed to be a static Installation separating the hotel entrance from the restaurant. However the artist altered the original design to include a hidden gate, allowing patrons to move freely through the 16 foot piece and opening up another entrance to the restaurant. The group Commissioned the artist who designed and created a solar-powered, carbon steel sculpture to highlight their dedication to eco-consciousness and sustainability. The piece uses 2 underwater 400 watt crystalline solar panes to power over one hundred 3.25 watt LEDs at the tip of each branch.

    Tree Scale Models

    Oak Sapling

    Oak Sapling measures roughly 10 feet tall and was built without a model. Over one thousand hand cut and welded steel pieces went into the fabrication. Constructed from carbon steel with a powder-coat finish.

    Birch Cluster

    The Birch Cluster 1/3-scale model measures over 4 feet high with four individual interspersed trunks. Carbon steel with clear powder-coat finish.

    Intercon Grove Scale

    1/3-scale model study for the Intercon Grove. Measuring 3.5 feet high and 4.5 feet wide, the model was built upon individual bases from carbon steel and covered with a clear, high gloss powder-coat finish.

    Trunk Scale Models

    Twisted Trunk

    Twisted Trunk was an exercise in coaxing an organic shape from industrial straight steel spikes. Fabricated in 1/3 scale, Twisted Trunk is made from carbon steel with a powder-coat finish.


    Like Twisted Trunk, Sticks was an exercise in producing organic shapes and movement from industrial straight steel spikes. The 3-foot tall piece is fabricated from carbon steel.

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